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Adly Mansour
Remarks by Egyptian President Adly Mansour
Oct-2013 | Adly Mansour (Bio) (President of Egypt)
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I received with greatness and happiness the order of appointment as President of Egypt during the transitional period.  And the ones who have issued this order are the great people of this Egypt.  

I swear that I will remain faithful and I will respect the law and this transition.  And I will take care of the interests of the people and preserve the independence of this country and all its territory.

We have agreed on a new road map which marks a correction to the way of the revolution, the great revolution and the response to the demands of the Egyptian people everywhere.  This road map guarantees the principle demand of the Egyptian people in having an early presidential election through which the constitution can be amended so that we can build it together and agree on democratic constitution to guarantee our freedoms.

Many wish to see us step into mayhem and we wish to step into stability.  Some wish to see Egypt plunge into a circle of violence and bloodshed but we want human rights and social justice. We are going through a critical stage and some want us to move towards chaos and we want to move towards stability.  Our people have learned from the Ramadan War and are able to overcome the worst of times.  We shall protect the country from those who want to drive Egypt to chaos.  

Establishing trust in the justice system will be impossible if only supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are targeted while security forces are absolved of responsibility for unlawful killings and their failure to protect protesters from violence. We will not be frightened or be dismayed, and there will be no compromising or complacency with those who are killing the innocent.

I assure you that I am committed totally, together with the government, to achieving security and stability in our homeland.  We will preserve the revolution.  History will not turn around.  We will battle to the end to bring security. Our government has the legitimacy of the people, and the process of justice and reconciliation will be directed to one and all and without exceptions.  We wish to take a step into a bright future.  

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